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I was born in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, in the year of 1991. My parents told me they think I might have been born with a crayon in my hand since I was always drawing when ever I had the chance. As a little kid, my parents would find me sitting at the coffee table in the living room just drawing away, probably watching "Art Attack" while also working on my own art attack. I'd use everything from felt markers and crayons, to Uno cards and poker chips to create my works of art all over the living room floor!​

As I got older, I was introduced to digital art. Something about it fascinated me, I just loved the bright vivid colours and the crisp lines. When I was 14 I got my first Wacom tablet and from then on I had fallen in love with creating digital art. I taught myself how to use Photoshop and to this day I'm still learning and creating new techniques!


Back in 2011 I started creating custom characters for some online friends. Soon after that, people I had never met before started asking me to create characters for them as well. One thing led to another and I started accepting commissions. I now create custom artwork for people all over the world!

In 2015 I participated in my first Anime Convention where I sold prints of my artwork. I was pretty nervous because I chose not to sell fan art, or anime styled art in general... but thankfully my work and presentation was all well received! Now I participate in lots of different conventions, expos and art shows year 'round!

I'm inspired by many things, but I take most of my inspiration from Nature, Animals, my Dreams, Video games, Movies, Forest fantasy, Deep space sci-fi, Adventurous stories and Beautiful relationships.