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Below are some testimonials written by people who have Commissioned Artrisy (Tris Nielsen) to create custom pieces of artwork.

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Roberto Gutierrez
She did an excellent job with my commission! Super quick communication skills, it enabled us to work together to figure out what we wanted to do with said commission, pitching in ideas along the way and showing me the progress she had thus far to see if there was anything I wanted to tweak before she continued. It was easy to trust her and allow her to explore and make artistic choices, especially knowing that we were on the same page. Would highly recommend her to others and I'm going to keep throwing more projects her way. :)


Dave Pickering
Not only is there a phenomenal talent in Tris (just look at her own projects...), but she cares about customer service and getting the very best finished work for you. She'll make suggestions and offers great advice when developing images with you or for your clients. I have commissioned Tris on many occasions now, I love working with her and have never been short of 100% satisfied in any of her work for me.


Tim Hartman
Tris does excellent work!!! I wish I found her years ago.


John Burgess
Tris brought my vision to life all three times that I've commissioned her. She is a joy to work with and her vibrant, creative spirit is infectious! I will treasure the unique pieces she's created for me. Thanks, Tris!


Katie Bug
Tris was so amazing to work with! She answered all my questions, made sure everything was exactly how I wanted it and not to mention, her art is awesome!